Degree Requirements

The MA in Writing offers students two concentrations to choose from: Fiction or Nonfiction.

Fiction Concentration

Fiction students complete the following nine courses:

Fiction Courses

Workshops (three required; each may be taken more than once)

Fiction Electives (three required, including but not limited to those on this list)

Other electives include dual concentration courses such as Sentence Power: From Craft to Art, Voice in Fiction and Nonfiction, and Poetry for Prose Writers.

Nonfiction Concentration

To earn the M.A. in Writing, Nonfiction students complete the following nine courses:

Nonfiction Courses

Workshops (general or specialized / any combination of three required)

Nonfiction Electives (two or three required, depending on cores taken; Nonfiction students must complete at least one elective from this list)

Click here for a comprehensive listing of courses, including cross-concentration options, independent studies, and internships.