Degree Requirements

The MA in Writing offers students two concentrations to choose from: Fiction or Nonfiction.

Fiction Concentration

Fiction students complete the following nine courses:

Fiction Courses

Workshops (three required; each may be taken more than once)

Fiction Electives (three required, including at least one from this list)

* Film & Screenwriting and Drama & Playwriting usually are open only to fiction students who have completed the Fiction Techniques core course. Consult the fiction advisor for more information.

Nonfiction Concentration

To earn the M.A. in Writing, Nonfiction students complete the following nine courses:

Nonfiction Courses

Workshops (general or specialized / any combination of three required)

Nonfiction Electives (two or three required, depending on cores taken; Nonfiction students must complete at least one elective from this list)

Click here for a comprehensive listing of courses, including cross-concentration options, independent studies, and internships.

Science Writing

For Science Writing, you can explore our Master of Arts or Graduate Certificate.

Teaching Writing

You might also be interested in our Master of Arts and Graduate Certificate in Teaching Writing.