Meet Our Students

Precious Layne

Precious Layne is a third and fourth grade ELA teacher in Washington, D.C.

Trish Shine

Trish Shine is Writing Clinician in the Mt. Lebanon School District in Pittsburg, PA.

Mike Odom

Mike Odom teaches journalism and public relations in the University of South Alabama’s communications department, and freshman composition in USA’s English Department.

Erin McNamara

Erin McNamara teaches 7th and 8th grade English at Notre Dame Preparatory School in Towson, MD.

2018 Teaching Writing Summer Residency

Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus, Baltimore, Maryland

Who are Teaching Writing students?

  • Full-time and adjunct college professors
  • Full-time and adjunct community college professors
  • Public and private elementary and middle school teachers
  • Public and private high school English teachers
  • Public and private high school teachers of Biology, History and other disciplines
  • ELL teachers teaching all over the world (current students teaching in Japan, Peru, Croatia)
  • Teachers in the private sector and in government
  • Creative writing teachers
  • A high school writing clinician
  • Those who want to teach but have never taught before

What some of our students have said about the program:

  • I feel I am really learning who the people in my class are and who you are as a professor. I have never felt this way about an online class before. I actually feel as though I am part of a community, which has definitely made me feel more comfortable to share my thoughts and writing.
  • What works so well about this course is both the flexibility and the discipline.  The ability to work on class assignments in a flexible way allows me to continue to meet the demands of the workplace and still be able to pursue my personal interests.
  • One thing that has surprised me is how applicable the course has been so far to my work as a teacher, and the impact it’s had on my teaching and teaching life—and, by extension, on my students. I’m constantly seeing my teaching in a new light each week based on something that has taken place in the course.
  • I was at first nervous about taking online courses. I’m pleasantly surprised with how well it has been going and how much I have been engaged with a course whose students are separated by hundreds of miles. What I have found even better than being able to feel like I am engaged with my peers is how engaged I am with the content.