Course Description

492.612 - Teaching Writing

This core course is designed for teachers in all disciplines and at all grade levels who use writing in their teaching and who have an interest in exploring their own writing as well. Someone not currently in a classroom can also complete the course successfully. The course has three main goals: 1. To help participants add to their existing knowledge of teaching writing, focusing particularly on writing as process and the various methods and practices that focus on each individual stage of that process (prewriting, drafting, responding, revising, editing and publishing). 2. To encourage participants to reflect upon their current practices in teaching writing, helping them clarify for themselves their goals and methods in teaching writing, and to provide additional ideas and possibilities that might add to their existing “tool box”. 3. To allow participants to engage in their own writing and writing process, in order to experience both roles of writer and writing teacher, and to see how one’s own writing experiences can enhance one’s knowledge as a teacher of writing. In addition, participants will consider the relationship of reading and writing, will become familiar with leading theories and theorists on the teaching of writing, will share their ideas, their knowledge, and their experiences, and will be encouraged to adapt their learning to make it most useful to their individual teaching situations (grade level, discipline, student population, etc.).