How do I apply?

Visit our online application to apply.

What is the deadline for admission?

We have rolling admissions for the program, so there is no official deadline or standard time frame for the admissions process. We recommend submitting your materials approximately two months before the start of the semester in which you would like to begin studying.

Do I have to take the GRE (the Graduate Record Examination)?

No, the GRE is not required for admission to our program.

What are the prerequisites for admission into the program?

Students applying to the program need a 3.0 GPA as an undergraduate, two letters of recommendation and a statement discussing why you want to be in the program.

What if my GPA is lower than a 3.0? Can I still apply?

If you GPA is lower than 3.0 you may be admitted conditionally into the program. If you are admitted conditionally you must meet the terms of your conditional admittance before you are fully admitted into the program. Your statement for admittance should include a discussion of your lower GPA and why you believe you can succeed in the program.

Do I need to have previous experience in Research Administration?

You do not need prior research administration experience.

Is this program a career-changer program?

This program is designed to prepare the highest quality of research administrators. It is the premier program in research administration for preparing students to advance in the profession. Faculty with the highest credentials have been hired to prepare and teach the state of the art curriculum.

Does this program have cohorts?

The program is not designed as a cohort program. Students may chose their courses based on their areas of interest. There are only four mandatory courses, leaving eight elective courses from which students may choose topics of specialized interest. Each student my take from one to three courses per semester. 12 courses are needed to complete the program and students have up to five years to complete the program.

Will this program prepare me for higher level positions within Research Administration?

This degree is designed to provide the breadth and depth of knowledge needed for the highest positions in research administration.

State-specific Information for Online Programs

Note: Students should be aware of state-specific information for online programs. For more information, please contact an admissions representative.