Admissions Requirements


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum 3.0 cumulative and science GPA.

Applicants must complete the following courses at a US institution prior to entry into the Post-Bacc in Health Science Program: One year each of:

  • general biology with labs
  • general chemistry with labs
  • organic chemistry with labs
  • general physics with labs

These requirements are only considered fulfilled if the student received a C or better in each.

Applicants are not eligible if they have previously attended a U.S. or Caribbean medical school.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Online Application.
  2. Upload the following required materials to the Online Application*:
    • a) 500-word statement of purpose. Discuss what motivates you to pursue a career in medicine. How do the strengths of your academic and professional background illustrate this drive? Feel free to include any additional comments that will assist in evaluating your application materials.
    • b) Under “Recommendations,” include the contact information for two recommenders. They will be automatically emailed access information to the system. They can then complete and upload their recommendation form.
      • i) We require that one recommendation be a science academic recommendation. This could be someone who has taught you in a biology/chemistry/physics/mathematics course and awarded you a letter grade.
      • ii) We recommend (but do not require) that one recommendation should be from someone who has supervised you in a medically relevant field. This could be a supervisor at a clinic or hospital where you volunteer, a physician with whom you have shadowed, or someone who supervised you in a research laboratory.
    • c) Resume or Curriculum Vitae.
    • d) Listing of all medically relevant experience.
    • e) Listing of all science and math courses taken.
  3. Submit the application and pay the $75 fee when you have uploaded all the necessary materials (listed above).
  4. Official Transcripts

    JHU AAP accepts official transcripts that are electronically sent directly from the granting institution and emailed to

    If your institution does not provide electronic transcripts, request that your institution send an official transcript directly to:

    Johns Hopkins University
    Advanced Academic Programs
    Transcript Processing Center
    32 Mount Joy Street, Suite 300
    Mount Joy, PA 17552

    This program requires official copies of all transcripts, regardless of number of credits or courses completed.

  5. If you have international coursework, send in the course-by-course credential evaluation. Study abroad may be exempt. Visit the International Applicants page to learn more.
  6. If English is your second language, you may be required to take the TOEFL or IELTS examination. Visit the International Applicants page to learn more.
  7. Send an official score from one of the following exams: MCAT, GRE, SAT or ACT.
    • You can send your MCAT score to Johns Hopkins University Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program under Other Schools and Programs.
    • Our institutional code for ETS (GRE) is 8747 under the District of Columbia.
    • Our designated institution code for College Board (SAT) is 7275 – Johns Hopkins U Advanced Academic Programs.
    • Our institutional code for ACT scores is 6933 under Krieger School in Washington DC.