Degree Requirements

Six required courses, three courses from an area of focus, & capstone seminar.

Required Courses

The six required courses are:

  • 470.728 Fundamentals of Nonprofits and NGO Management
  • 470.798 Financial Management and Analysis in Nonprofits and NGOs
  • 470.625 Resource Development and Marketing in Nonprofits (Domestic and International)
  • 470.666 Institutional Fundraising: Raising Maximum Dollars from Government Agencies, Corporations & Foundations
  • 470.774 Nonprofit/NGO Governance and Executive Leadership
  • 470.734 Organizational Leadership and Ethics in NGO Management

Areas of focus

Students may select three courses from one area of focus or three courses across each area of focus.

1: International Mission-Based Organizations

Focus for students working in, or aspiring to work with, multilateral organizations and NGOs in the field of international development, and humanitarian affairs.

  • 470.689 NGOs in Development and Global Policy-Making
  • 470.789 INGO/NGOs and Civil Society in Conflict Zones
  • 470.766 Economic Growth: The Politics of Development in Asia, Africa and Beyond

2: Project Management, Evaluation and Leadership

Focus for students working in, or aspiring to work with, nonprofit organizations in positions of leadership, monitoring and evaluation, programming, project management, development, human resources, or on a board of directors).

  • 470.623 Nonprofit Program Development and Evaluation
  • 470.609 Leadership Skills of the 21st Century
  • 470.754 Project Management for NGOs

3: Social Enterprise

Focus for students of business, entrepreneurship, or nonprofit work aspiring to work with for-profit/nonprofit entities in any capacity. Students in the private or public sector.

  • 470.682 Mission Meets Profit: An Exploration and Building of a Social Enterprise

Capstone Seminar

Complete your studies with the NGO Management Capstone Seminar (to be developed).