Degree Requirements

All students earn a Master of Arts (MA) in Museum Studies. The MA requires ten courses, two required, three core courses and five electives, to be completed within five years of beginning the program.

The core curriculum offers grounding in the theory and practice of museums in a changing technological, social and political environment emphasizing the role of technology throughout the museum. Elective courses address all aspects of the museum, from collections and exhibitions to marketing and development. Students work with an academic advisor to design a course of study that best suits their needs and interests.

Students must take a total of 10 courses

  • Exploring Museum Professions or Museums in the Digital Age
  • Three Core Courses
  • Five Elective Courses
  • Two-week Onsite Seminar
  • Optional internship (An internship or project at a student’s local museum, approved by the Internship Coordinator, may be substituted for one elective course)

Course Requirements

See full Course Descriptions including prerequisites.

Required Courses (two required courses)

  • 460.601 – Exploring Museum Professions or 460.602 – Museums in the Digital Age
  • 460.610 – Two-Week Onsite Seminar – A two-week intensive period of on-ground museum study in a location organized by the MA in Museum Studies program. Note: Students must have completed a minimum of two courses in the program, one of which must be 460.601 or 460.602, to register for this class. Some seminars may have other specific requirements. Students are responsible for travel to and from the location, accommodations, and meals, as well as any specified field trip fees. Waiver option: Students who are unable to travel to a seminar location, due to accommodation needs, financial hardship, or family challenges, may apply to the program director for an exemption to the two-week seminar. If a waiver is granted, the student must enroll in the internship option (460.750) to fulfill the onsite component of the degree requirement.

Core Courses (select at least three of six)

Electives (select five)

Students may take up to two related courses in other Johns Hopkins University departments subject to the approval of the Program Director.

State-specific Information for Online Programs

Note: Students should be aware of additional state-specific information for online programs. For more information, please contact an admissions representative.