Multi-Year Schedule

Note: Listings for future semesters are tentative pending online course development approvals, instructor availability, and student demand and they are subject to additional changes. Please check the MLA Course Schedule for specific offerings within the current semester.

The Capstone courses (Portfolio, Project, and Internship) are automatically offered every semester and are not included on these lists.

Previous Semesters

Summer 2018
Course Number and Course Title Instructor Status/
450.082.01 MLA Portfolio DeSisto Confirmed
450.830.01 MLA Capstone: Graduate Project Cabello Confirmed
450.850.01 Internship Cabello Confirmed
450.728.01 On the Shoulders of Giants Quarles Baltimore
450.634.81 Italian Renaissance Art and Thought Wilkins Online
450.638.81 What is History? Cabello Online
450.644.81 US Environmental History McGurty Online
450.646.81 Religion of Politics, Politics of Religion: Conflict and Convergence in Sacred Authority and Temporal Hierarchies Paris Online
450.717.81 School and Society: Education Reimagined, Possibilities Disclosed DeSisto Online
450.736.81 Medieval England: From Beowulf to the Battle of Bosworth Sisson Online
450.790.81 Six Degrees of Miles Davis Belzer Online
Summer 2017
Course ID and Title Location
450.634 Italian Renaissance Art and Thought Online
450.689 Introduction to Digital Humanities in the Liberal Arts Online
450.695 American Political Theory and Practice Online
450.697 The Rise and Fall of Empires: From Rome to Brexit Online
450.684 Introduction to Buddhism Baltimore
450.736 Medieval England: From Beowulf to the Battle of Bosworth Online
490.784 Reading and Writing New England Onsite
450.790 Six Degrees of Miles Davis Baltimore

Current Semester

Future Semesters (subject to change)

Summer 2019

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