Multi-Year Schedule

The following is a projected multi-year schedule of courses offered in the MS in Individualized Genomics and Health program. The schedule is subject to change. Please see your academic advisor for questions regarding the schedule.

Core Courses
Course Fall Spring Summer
410.610 Epigenetics Gene Organization & Expression Online Online, MCC Online
410.612 Human Molecular Genetics Online, MCC Online Online
410.628 Genes and Disease MCC Online
410.633 Intro to Bioinformatics Online MCC, Online Online
410.687 Ethical Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Biotech Online
410.736 Personalized Medicine and Genomics MCC Online
410.760 Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Personalized Medicine
Concentration Courses
Lab Diagnostics Concentration
Course Fall Spring Summer
 410.641 Clinical and Molecular Diagnostics HWD Online
410.659 Advanced Recombinant DNA Lab MCC
410.656 Recombinant DNA Lab MCC HWD
410.671 Gene Expression Data Analysis Online
410.666 Next Generation Sequencing and Analysis Online
Genomics Concentration
Course Fall Spring Summer
410.666 Next Generation DNA Sequencing and Analysis Online
410.634 Practical Computer Concepts Online MCC, Online Online
410.635 Bioinformatics: Tools for Genome Analysis HWD, Online Online
410.671 Gene Expression Data Analysis Online Online
410.734 Practical Introduction to Metagenomics Online
410.XXX Pharmacogenomics TBD
 410.709 Cancer Genomics Online
Regulatory Concentration
Please see your academic advisor.
Policy Concentration
Please see your academic advisor.
Elective Courses
Please see MS Biotechnology Multi-Year Schedule.

State-specific Information for Online Programs

Note: Students should be aware of state-specific information for online programs. For more information, please contact an admissions representative.