Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in GIS degree requires the successful completion of nine (9) courses and a capstone project that demonstrates the student’s ability to apply a GIS to examine, model, and analyze a spatial project of their choosing. Topics can be garnered from any course work performed in the major as well as research projects in which the student may be involved through their professional experience. Students need to take four (4) out of five (5) available core courses, which are the same courses required for the online GIS certificate program. Students may apply to the online GIS certificate and continue in the Master of Science degree should they desire to do so.

Five elective courses in addition to the core courses are required and may be selected from courses in GIS programming, data management, visualization, GIS web semantics, app development, enterprise GIS architecture and industry-specific courses. Students will be required to complete a Capstone project, under direct supervision of a mentor, who can be either a JHU faculty or an outside expert. Students will design and implement a research project that either follows the prescribed best practices or introduces an alternative approach to the investigative work.

Registration for the capstone project may occur after the successful completion of the 8th course in the program. Students are encouraged to present their research results at a national or regional conference or a geospatial forum. The following courses are offered in completion of the Master of Science in GIS:

Core Courses

Students choose four (4) out of the following five (5) courses for the GIS program, which are the same courses required for the online GIS certificate program.

Elective Courses

The following elective courses are offered as part of the Master of Science of GIS.


State-specific Information for Online Programs

Note: Students should be aware of state-specific information for online programs. For more information, please contact an admissions representative.