Capstone Project

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Masters program at Johns Hopkins University requires all students to complete a capstone course, also known as the Capstone project. During the Capstone project, students engage in a real-world problem and demonstrate how GIS could be used as a solution. Students will apply skills and knowledge acquired during their program of study.

Students will be responsible for selecting a mentor who may be a JHU faculty member, a qualified and appropriate person from the student’s place of work, or any expert with appropriate credentials. The mentor will guide the substantive progress of the Capstone project and ideally be involved in some aspect of the proposed study.

  • For guidelines on the 2020 Capstone Project, please click here.
  • For Sample GIS Capstone projects, please click here.
  • Note: Potential mentor, topic, data, technology, and methodology should be considered prior to the course start to ensure completion of the Capstone during the enrolled term.