BA/MS for JHU ENVS Majors

BA/MS Option for Johns Hopkins University ENVS* Majors

Undergraduates majoring in Environmental Science and Studies (ENVS)* may apply for accelerated status towards an MS in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). These students should declare their intention to pursue the MS during their junior or early in their senior year of undergraduate study by emailing the undergraduate ENVS Director, Dr. Rebecca Kelly. ENVS students may apply up to two courses taken as undergraduates towards the MS in GIS, thereby leaving only eight more courses to complete the MS following receipt of their BA. 


ENVS students may apply for the BA/MS anytime during the senior year or up to one year following conferral of their BA. The application procedure is the same as that of other AAP applicants and details are found online at the AAP Admissions page. Questions regarding courses in this program or the AAP application process can be directed to Geri Miller, Associate Program Director for GIS. Students admitted to the BA/MS program will be assigned a graduate advisor, but will continue to be advised by their ENVS advisor for all matters concerning the BA degree. 

Course Requirements for BA/MS

ENVS students will receive two separate degrees and so the requirements of both degrees must be fulfilled. Students may not earn the MS degree without completion of the BA, however, students who do not complete the MS retain their BA. ENVS BA/MS students must complete all the requirements of the MS in GIS. Up to two courses completed while an undergraduate can count towards the ten courses required for the MS. Specifically, up to two of the following courses can be used to satisfy the corresponding core course requirements for the MS in Geographic Information Systems:

State-specific Information for Online Programs

Note: Students should be aware of state-specific information for online programs. For more information, please contact an admissions representative.