Course Schedule

The courses below are those offered for the term. (To view the course description, class dates & times, touch on accordion tab by the title.)

  • Homewood Off Campus

    455.634.11 - Designing Sound for Film and Media

    Christopher Kennedy

    TTh 6:00 - 9:10; 5/29 - 7/10

    Explore the use of software and hardware as a means to create, capture, and edit music and sound for picture. Examine the role of music and sound in media and develop the skills to operate software instruments and Digital Audio Workstations. Gain an appreciation for the craft of composing music for picture - including fundamentals of music, 'spotting' a scene, and creating simple music 'cues'. Additionally, learn about editing and recording sound effects and dialogue to create complete soundtracks that incorporate soundscapes and musical compositions.

    455.800.11 - Capstone for Film & Media

    Timothy Perell

    Sunday 12:00 - 12:00; 5/28 - 8/21

    Guided by meetings with the instructor and other guest speakers from the industry, students research, develop and deliver a final project that demonstrates skill in one or both of their concentrations. Ideally, this project will be completed in collaboration with a student or students from the JHU MA or MICA MFA program who are completing their own capstone projects.

    455.803.11 - Capstone Continuation for Film and Media (non-credit)

    Timothy Perell

    Sunday 12:00 - 12:00; 5/28 - 8/21

    Capstone Continuation is required for those students who have taken the Capstone Course but not yet finished the required and approved work.