Multi-Year Schedule

The following is a projected multi-year schedule of courses offered in Environmental Sciences and Policy.

Version 04/10/2019

Note: Listings for future semesters are tentative pending instructor availability and student demand. Each semester will likely also include more cross-listed courses.

Spring 2019
Course Instructor Location Sample Syllabus
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420.301 Quantitative Methods for Environmental Sciences J. Taylor Online Syllabus
420.302 Chemistry of Natural Processes S. Bennett Online Syllabus
420.601 Geological Foundations of Environmental Science K. Schubel Online Syllabus
420.603 Environmental Applications of GIS R. Isaacs Online Syllabus
420.604 Hydrology & Water Resources J. Carr DC Syllabus
420.604 Hydrology & Water Resources C. Runyan Online Syllabus
420.608 Oceanic & Atmospheric Processes N. Winstead DC Syllabus
420.610 Sustainable Business D. Watts Online Syllabus
420.611 Principles & Methods of Ecology J. Santiago-Blay Online Syllabus
420.612 Sustainability Science J. da Rosa Online Syllabus
420.614 Environmental Policymaking and Policy Analysis J. Maldonado Homewood Syllabus
420.614 Environmental Policymaking and Policy Analysis D. Stone DC Syllabus
420.634 Bioremediation & Emerging Environmental Technologies J. Cookson Online
420.637 Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management J. Burgess Baltimore Syllabus
420.639 Landscape Ecology K. Gardner Online Syllabus
420.644 Sustainable Cities E. McGurty Online Syllabus
420.656 Environmental Impact Assessment & Decision Methods R. Solomon, H. Serassio Online Syllabus
420.666 Community Development and Sustainability in Developing Countries A. Poudel Online
425.689 Energy and Environmental Graduate Seminar J. da Rosa DC/Hybrid
Thursdays, from 5-6pm
420.672 Environmental Ethics A. Monopolis Online
420.676 Global Scarcity in Freshwater Systems: Crisis and Solutions G. Patterson Online Syllabus
420.654 Environmental & Natural Resource Economics M. Shelby DC
Winter Intersession
420.678 Nature Conservation and Sustainability in Cuba
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J. Burgess,
J. Caporale,
K. Wagner Hill
Winter Intersession
Summer 2019
Fall 2020 (Tentative)