Degree Requirements

This program is a blended program offering courses from the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering. The courses that are linked below are offered through the School of Arts and Sciences and all have the same first three numbers 410. The courses that start with 605 are the courses that are offered through the School of Engineering. All the 605 course descriptions are available on the School of Engineering‘s website.

Core Courses (5 total)

Concentration Classes (choose 4)

Electives (choose one from Computer Science and one from Biotechnology)

Computer Science

  • 605.601 Foundations of Software Engineering
  • 605.644 XML Design Paradigms
  • 605.662 Data Visualization
  • 605.681 Principles of Enterprise Web Development
  • 605.684 Agile Development with Ruby on Rails
  • 605.686 Mobile Application Development for the Android Platform
  • 605.701 Software Systems Engineering
  • 605.741 Large Scale Database Systems
  • 605.746 Machine Learning
  • 605.747 Evolutionary Computation
  • 605.782 Web Application Development with Java
  • 605.787 Rich Internet Applications with Ajax
  • 605.788 Big Data Processing Using Hadoop
  • 605.759 Independent Research Project in Bioinformatics


Thesis Option

State-specific Information for Online Programs

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