Course Description

440.624 - Computable General Equilibrium Modeling

This course will provide an understanding of how to independently develop, modify, run and interpret Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models. CGE models are widely used in the analysis of International Trade, Taxation, Environmental Policy, and other subjects. The specific objectives of this course are as follows: Students will (1) gain an understanding of the underlying economic theory behind CGE modeling; (2) learn how to gather data sources from publicly available information to build CGE models; (3) gain an understanding of the software General Algebraic Modeling Software (GAMS) to run the models; (4) learn how use and modify existing CGE programs for research purposes; (5) be able to write simple CGE programs in GAMS; (6) be able to analyze public policy with CGE models; (7) how to interpret results from CGE models; (8) understand possible extensions of CGE models for potential future research purposes. Analytical skills developed through this class will assist you in building your careers as researchers, public managers, and policy analysts. Prerequisites: 440.601 Microeconomic Theory, 440.602 Macroeconomics Theory. Corequisite: 440.606 Econometrics.