Course Descriptions

*The Energy Policy & Climate (EPC) program at Johns Hopkins requires all students to complete a capstone course, “Research Design for Capstone Projects in Energy and Environmental Sciences“, also known as the Capstone Project, 425.800. During the Capstone Project, students engage in research and apply the multidisciplinary knowledge they have acquired during their program of study to a real-world question focused on energy and climate issues. Students have the option of working individually or in a small team on a project sponsored and mentored by an external entity, such as a governmental agency or not-for-profit group, or a member of the JHU faculty. These projects result in a deliverable, such as a written report, and a formal presentation of research results to both the external entity and faculty.

Instructor permission is required in order to register for this course as a project proposal needs to be developed the semester before the course is taken. For more information, please view the Capstone Guidelines and consult the course instructor Daniel Zachary (