Degree Requirements

Students interested in the Dual MS in Applied Economics/MBA can pursue the degree and attend both Carey & AAP simultaneously.

MS in Applied Economics Program Requirements

Those entering with only a single Calculus course must first take Applied Economics’ 440.304 Mathematical Methods for Economists, a non-credit, full-length course, at half tuition, as the first of 9 program courses. Those entering with two Calculus courses may study the extra material on their own.

Complete degree requirements are listed below:

MS in Applied Economics
1 Microeconomic Theory  440.601
2 Macroeconomic Theory 440.602
3 Statistics 440.605
4 Econometrics 440.606
5 Macroeconometrics 440.614, Macroeconomic Forecasting 440.615, Financial Econometrics 440.617, or Microeconometrics 440.618
6 Applied Economics Elective I
7 Applied Economics Elective II
8 Applied Economics Elective III

MBA Program Requirements

Contact Carey Business School
Prospective Students Please contact Carey Business School Admissions for more information on the MBA requirements.
Current Students Please contact your MBA Academic Advisor if you have any questions. You may look up your advisor assignment.