Teaching Writing Residency

Teaching Writing 2018 Summer Residency

Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland
Teaching Writing’s 2018 Summer Residency will take place July 22 – 29 on the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. The residency will begin with a dinner/reception on Sunday evening, July 22, and end the following Sunday morning.

At the residency,

  • all participants will teach a mini-lesson to the rest of the class;
  • all participants will choose an area of inquiry related to writing and/or teaching writing, ask questions about that subject, seek answers to those questions, and lead a discussion on that subject with the class as a whole;
  • all participants will submit in advance one personal or creative writing that will be discussed in a writing workshop;
  • all participants will read and discuss one book (the whole class will read the same book) written by a teacher or a writer about writing and/or teaching writing;
  • all participants will present to the class one of own their favorite books about writing or the teaching of writing.

The residency will also include readings and talks by guest writers and educators, short field trips to places of interest in and around the Baltimore area, an opening and closing dinner/reception, breakfasts and lunches. Other activities may include open mic readings by participants, a pizza and movie night, and other social activities.

While most of the coursework for the residency will take place during the week of July 22 – 29, some online coursework will be required of participants before July 22 in preparation for the residency. The residency co- instructors will be Mark Farrington and Heidi Vornbrock Roosa.

Participants will have the option of staying in a single room in the Charles Commons, a newer dorm on campus, or arranging their own lodging off campus. We will reserve a block of two-and-four-person suites in Charles Commons, based on the number of students who indicate they would like to stay there. Here is a detailed description of Charles Commons.

Participants paying full fees will enjoy a single room, breakfast every morning, some lunches, and at least two dinners. Those wishing to stay off campus will be able to share in the lunches and the dinners.

Fees for the Residency
Tuition: $2918 (current tuition, but may increase 2% before the summer semester)
Fees including lodging: $750
Fees without lodging: $400
Total tuition and fees: $3668 (including lodging)
$3318 (no lodging)

Please note that a portion of the fees is non-refundable. If you register for this course and then drop it before March 9, you will be reimbursed full tuition plus all fees minus $300. If you register and then drop this course after March 9, you will receive no reimbursement of either tuition or fees.

Registration for the Teaching Writing Summer Residency will open at 10 a.m. on February 12, 2018 and will close at 11:59 p.m. on March 2. If you wish to attend the residency, you must register for it between the dates of February 12 and March 2.

If you wish to stay on campus in Charles Commons, please also send an email to Mark Farrington (mfarrin1@jhu.edu) so that we may keep track of the number of rooms to reserve.

The Teaching Writing Summer Residency is open to any student currently enrolled in the Masters or Certificate Program in Teaching Writing, as well as any student from another program who has successfully completed the core Teaching Writing course. The Residency course is listed as AS.492.690 Residency: Best Practices in the Teaching of Writing.

There are two options for registering: If you wish to stay on campus in the Charles Commons dorm, register for AS.492.690 section 91. If you wish to attend the residency but will not be staying on campus, register for AS.492.690 section 92. It’s important that you register for the correct section, as the fees you will be charged vary depending on whether you will be staying on campus or not.

Because registration for the Summer Residency will take place before registration for other summer semester courses, in order for you to make plans, below is a listing of the fully online courses Teaching Writing will offer in Summer 2018 in addition to the Residency.

2017 Teaching Writing Residency

The residency took place July 2 – 9 at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. We were also visited by a videographer, who interviewed Program Director Mark Farrington and many of the Teaching Writing students.