Certificate Requirements

Each course in the Graduate Certificate curriculum is classified as a core, workshop, elective, or Residency. Certificate students enroll in the same courses as MA in Science Writing students. To earn the five-course Graduate Certificate, students complete a core, workshop, elective and two other courses of their choice. (Degree students take nine courses.)

The core courses focus on fundamental skills in reporting and writing and a foundation in ethics and professional principles. In writing workshops, students submit their own writing and revisions for peer review and editing. Electives usually focus on reading-as-a-writer skills or specific forms or topics such as voice, structure, or nature writing. Internships and Independent Studies also are available. The onsite, face-to-face Residency course is optional in the Graduate Certificate Program.

Graduate Certificate in Science Writing

Five courses; all online unless optional Residency chosen:
1. Techniques of Science Writing (online core course)
2. One Science Writing Workshop (online)
3. One elective, approved by advisor (online)
4/5. Two Student Choice courses: The second core course, a Residency, another workshop or elective, an internship or Independent Study, or, if approved, a course in other AAP Program*

*Select courses available from AAP programs in Environmental Sciences and Policy, Communication, Biotechnology, and Government.

If possible, Certificate students should complete Techniques of Science Writing before enrolling in a workshop. Exceptions can be granted to this guideline with advisor approval. Some experienced journalists or writers will be allowed to replace one or both core courses with other courses, as approved. Students usually take one or two courses per term, and they may take one or two terms off as personal schedules require. Students have three years to finish their certificates; extensions and leaves of absence are possible.

Note: Under AAP guidelines, only three Certificate courses can count toward the MA in Science Writing. Certificate students who become interested in the MA degree should declare their interest early to avoid the need to complete extra courses.

State-specific Information for Online Programs

Note: Students should be aware of state-specific information for online programs. For more information, please contact an admissions representative.