Career Opportunities

Museum professionals who obtain certificates in digital curation will be at an advantage in competing for traditional museum positions, in addition to those defined as “new” positions for which digital knowledge is required.

Current positions in museums that now require digital curation skills include: registrar, collection manager, archivist, librarian, research scientist, curator, educator, exhibition coordinator, development officer, marketing and press relations specialist, and new media manager.

These positions might include responsibilities of collections documentation and management of acquisition information, treatment records, and digital images of collection objects; research data management; online exhibitions management; management of intellectual property rights; and management and preservation of born-digital media, such as digital media art.

In addition to new skill requirements for professionals in traditional jobs, new positions are being created in museums that reflect the new demands for managing digital assets throughout their life cycle. Some titles of currently existing positions that illustrate the range of new career opportunities that are emerging in the museum field include:

  • Chief Officer of Digital Media;
  • Digital Curator;
  • Director, Digitization Program;
  • Director of Research and Scientific Data Management;
  • Digital Archivist;
  • Digitization Specialist.