Professional Development

The Center for Biotechnology Education is dedicated to building a stronger, more knowledgeable workforce – so we’re reaching out to existing biotechnology professionals, as well as to teachers and others responsible for educating future biotechnology professionals.

Through partnerships with biotechnology firms, governmental organizations, and other schools within the Johns Hopkins University system, the Center is creating a full slate of professional development opportunities, such as:

International Partnerships

The Center has an ongoing partnership with Peking University where students and faculty participate in lectures in a videoconference environment. As part of the partnership, Johns Hopkins scholars have lectured at Peking University and have hosted faculty and students at the Montgomery County Campus.

Montgomery County Campus Laboratory

The Center is opening the doors to its state-of-the-art lab and working with public and private partners to give students, professionals, and academicians the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in the laboratory.

Non-credit Training Programs for Working Professional

The Center serves as a valuable resource for biotechnology companies and agencies both locally and nationally who are seeking training programs and workshops for their employees in laboratory technologies, bioinformatics, and regulatory science.

Online Education

Online programs are an essential component of extending the global reach of the Center for Biotechnology Education. Our expertise in online education is a valuable asset for developing online courses and workshops for students, academicians, working professionals, and the wider public.

Alumni Tuition Benefit

Take advantage of lifelong learning through our alumni tuition benefit. Alumni can take select courses at Johns Hopkins for credit or no credit.

We are always looking to develop new partnerships. If you would like to partner with us to create professional development programming, please contact us at