Based in Washington, DC, in the vibrant Dupont Circle neighborhood, the Center is home to a range of degree programs and certificates—providing a great variety of offerings to study from cross-disciplinary, historical, and comparative perspectives. All of the programs can be completed completely online. Many have options for students to take onsite or synchronous distant courses as well. 

The courses are taught by nationally and internationally recognized leaders in their fields of study who are full-time faculty at Johns Hopkins or are distinguished adjunct faculty who are scholars or accomplished practitioners from high levels of government or related organizations.

Students in each of the programs benefit from a curriculum that is rooted in the latest scholarly and scientific research and emphasizes real-world problems and applications. Specifically, the programs do the following:

The Government program is where the theory and practice of government come together and inform each other. The result is that you gain the knowledge and expertise necessary for leadership in politics and administration.

The Data Analytics and Policy [Government Analytics] program prepares you to be a data-driven leader. Students develop a sophisticated quantitative toolkit for applications in areas of politics, policy and governance.

The Global Security Studies program will help you take a practical, analytic look at global security and develop an understanding of the multi-faceted nature of security in the post- 9/11 world.

The Geospatial Intelligence program provides the skills and learning for you to lead this emerging field which informs policy, military, diplomatic, environmental, and disaster relief and recovery decisions by governments and the private sector as well.

The Intelligence Analysis program prepares you to launch an intelligence analyst career. Students gain theoretical knowledge and policy tools to address the complexities of the 21st-century intelligence environment.

The Public Management program combines the rigorous academic study of leadership and management with strategic learning of the skills necessary for you to meet the challenges of policy-making in today’s quickly changing world.

The Non-Governmental Organization Management (NGO) program provides you with the technical skills necessary to lead, manage, and/or work with nonprofit/non-governmental organizations. The focus is on the analysis, building strong leadership skills and applying best management practices.

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