AAP Student Profile

Our students are adults like you, interested in earning a valuable education at the graduate level, but doing so in a flexible environment that enables them to continue their professional and personal lives.

Johns Hopkins University Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) host a vibrant and diverse student population each and every semester. The average student age is 31 years, although a number of our students come directly from their undergraduate institution. Over half of our students are female (56%) and the average GPA for entering students is 3.45.

AAP students bring to the classroom a wide variety of professional experiences: more than 84% of our students are employed while attending classes. The student body is quite diverse with 66% from ethnic backgrounds. Each semester International students comprise over 18% of the student body, with China, India, and Singapore represented the most.

In addition to our international Students, JHU-APP enrolls students from across the United including California, New York, New Jersey, Texas, and Pennsylvania in our online programs.

Ethnicity of AAP Students 2018