Turry M. Flucker, Adjunct Faculty

Turry M. Flucker currently serves as the art collections administrator for the Tougaloo College Art Collections and is writing The Art of Activism: Artwork and Activism at Tougaloo College, which will be published by the University Press of Mississippi. Before becoming the collections administrator at Tougaloo College, Mr. Flucker served as the arts industry director at the Mississippi Arts Commission (MAC), branch director at the Louisiana State Museum, and chief curator at Smith Robertson Museum in Jackson, Mississippi. 

While arts industry director at the Mississippi Arts Commission, Mr. Flucker managed grant applications from major single-discipline organizations, such as museums, operas, symphonies, theaters, and film festivals across Mississippi. These organizations applied for operating and programmatic support. Mr. Flucker also managed fellowship applications for visual artists, the applications for the visual artists’ roster, and the mini grants for individuals and organizations. During his time at the Louisiana State Museum, based in New Orleans, Mr. Flucker managed the statewide effort to build a Civil Rights Museum. During this time, Mr. Flucker directed the planning and development of the project, as well as managing programs for the 5,000 square foot exhibition called _Race: Are We So Different?_, organized by the American Anthropological Association.  

Mr. Flucker, a native of Houston, Texas,  earned a B.A. in History with emphasis in African American studies from Tougaloo College and an M.A. in Southern Studies with emphasis in Art History from the University of Mississippi.