Teng Chamchumrus, Adjunct Faculty

Teng believes in the balance between mission and business and devotes his career to enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions, monitor performance and inspire and activate their stakeholders using financial information. Teng started his career in the private sector. And, he has since spent the majority of his professional tenure in the nonprofit sector. He held multiple finance leadership positions over ten years at the American Red Cross and currently serves as the Executive Officer, Education & Access, at the Smithsonian Institution. His expertise includes strategic planning, business planning and analysis, financial management, and change management in large, complex organizations, and he has performed those roles not only as a lead of the finance team, but also as the executive director when he turned around a $10M education organization.

Teng graduated from Harvard University with both a BA (magna cum laude) in economics from Harvard College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Teng Chamchumrus