Susan Langley, Adjunct Faculty

Susan Langley is the Maryland State Underwater Archaeologist. She has worked in diverse locations such as the iceberg filled waters of Labrador on the San Juan, a Basque whaling galleon sunk in 1565, in Red Bay, and in the mountain lakes of western Canada where she relocated and studied the remains of Project Habbakuk, a secret World War II vessel prototype. She spent a couple of years teaching underwater archaeology in Thailand for a consortium of Asian nations through UNESCO. Thirteen years ago Dr. Langley accepted the position of State Underwater Archaeologist for Maryland. The opening of the Historic Shipwreck Preserve focusing on the German Submarine, U-1105, was her first project. She works with both federal and State agencies on the submerged aspects of Maryland’s role in the War of 1812 and Revolutionary War. Currently, she is involved in surveying the Atlantic coast in partnership with other State and federal agencies.