Sultan Latif, Adjunct Faculty

Sultan Latif is an environmental researcher/scientist working with several organizations and academic institutions, where he focuses on the water, energy and climate change nexus. He has over a decade of experience in global strategy development, environmental research and energy and climate change policy. Sultan has extensive experience in developing short- and long-term strategies, practices, policies and metrics for highly technical and agile NGOs and governmental organizations worldwide; most notably being directly involved in the Conference of the Parties to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP-UNFCCC) and the Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (MOP-UNFCCC).

In addition, as a civil engineer, Sultan has managed and delivered international development and sustainability projects both remotely and in the field.  In these roles, he has efficiently implemented multiple humanitarian aid projects in conflict and non-conflict zones in Africa and Asia.

Previously, Sultan was an Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Fellow at the US Department of Energy, a Science and Policy Advisor for Greenpeace International and a field worker for Doctors Without Borders. He has a graduate degree in Environmental Science and Management from Harvard University, as well as an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from George Washington University.

Sultan Latif