Sean Luechtefeld, Adjunct Faculty

Sean Luechtefeld, Ph.D., is an instructor in the MA in Communication program at Johns Hopkins University and Associate Director for Communications at Prosperity Now, a Washington-based nonprofit dedicated to putting prosperity within reach for everyone in our country. In that role, he directs the organization’s content strategy, oversees its editorial function and supports its major events. Prior to joining Prosperity Now, Sean held a variety of positions in the communication field, including coaching a nationally competitive college debate team, developing a communications strategy for a startup community history museum and working for a consulting firm that served people in the disability community.

Sean holds a Ph.D. in Communication at the University of Maryland with an emphasis in Rhetoric & Political Culture. His dissertation research focused on the ways in which rhetoric in the first-ever march on Washington contributed to precedents about petitioning and about economic argument-making. Sean also holds an M.A. in Communication from Wake Forest University, and a B.A. in Communication Studies and a B.S. in Political Science, both from the Florida State University.

Sean resides in Northern Virginia with his wife, Nicole, and his boxer/black lab mix, Domino.

Sean Luechtefeld