Robin Epstein, Adjunct Faculty

Robin Epstein began her career doing stand-up comedy in New York City. While the crowds were often small, she got the attention of Al Franken who asked her to work with him on his book, “Why Not Me?” and on his NBC sitcom, “Lateline.” She went on write for two seasons on Joan Cusack’s ABC show, “What About Joan,” where she worked under James L. Brooks. Robin also served as head writer for the teen girl game show on Oxygen, “Clued In.” She’s been the lead writer on 4 produced video games including Atari’s Tycoon City: New York, as well as games for Activision and OMGPop.

A contributor to “This American Life” on NPR, Robin has freelanced for the New York Times, Quartz, Medium, Marie Claire, and other publications. Her thriller, H.E.A.R., was published by Soho Teen in December 2015, and the paperback edition came out in December 2016. Her last award winning young adult novel, GOD IS IN THE PANCAKES, was published by Dial, and she’s co-authored two books, the novel, SHAKING HER ASSETS with Renee Kaplan, and the nonfiction legal guide book, SO SUE ME, JACKASS!: Avoiding Legal Pitfalls That Can Come Back To Bite You at Work, at Home and at Play, which was co-written with her sister, Amy Epstein Feldman.

Robin is an Assistant Arts Professor in the Department of Dramatic Writing at NYU. She graduated from Princeton University, received her MFA from Columbia University, and has a rescue pit bull named Bandit who can be won over far too easily with Mexican food.

Robin Epstein