Riccardo Ferrante, Adjunct Faculty

Riccardo Ferrante is a digital initiatives practitioner, administrator and educator with a focus on digital preservation methodology, tools and best practices applied in the contexts of analog and digital cultural heritage collections. Related work includes crowdsourcing transcription of historic scientific and cultural materials and archival email preservation and stewardship. He is currently Director of Digital Services at the Smithsonian Institution Archives in Washington, D.C. Current projects include large scale digitization of paper and audio special collections, preservation and management of born digital collections, the grant-funded Field Book Project (2010-present) where he serves as an advisor and digitization lead, and the Smithsonian Transcription Center, a crowdsourcing initiative and 2016 winner of the Gold MUSE Award for Digital Communities.

Mr. Ferrante established the Smithsonian Institution Archives Electronic Records Program in 2004 and served as a principal investigator and project manager for the Collaborative Electronic Records Project (2005-2008), a grant-funded project to create an effective solution for the preservation of historic email suitable for medium to small heritage organizations. The program oversees the preservation of hundreds of collections of born digital records containing a vast array for formats. Under his direction, it has hosted digital preservation internships and fellowships for the past decade.

Prior to joining the Smithsonian, Mr. Ferrante worked in software development of integrated library systems. He received his Bachelors degree from Northwestern University.