Rhey Solomon, Adjunct Faculty

Rhey Solomon is the Senior Partner with Environmental and Training Solutions. He has over 38 years of team management and environmental and strategic planning experience. Rhey served 10 years as the Deputy Director of Ecosystem Management in the Washington Office of the USDA Forest Service. His career path took him form field level work as a planner, trainer, and manager to various leadership roles at the National Office of the Forest Service. Prior to retirement from government service in 2003, Rhey spent his last year of government service at The Council on Environmental Quality, an office of the President, leading a team charged with modernizing regulations for implementing the National Environmental Policy Act. In addition he spent one year as the natural resource staff for a member of Congress and prepared environmental legislation and numerous staff paper on environmental issues before Congress.

In addition to teaching at Johns Hopkins Rhey teaches a number of environmental analysis courses as an adjunct professor at Utah State University and conducts workshops on environmental analysis, collaborative planning, and team management as an environmental consultant. He is also a recipient of the President’s Award from the National Association of Environmental Professionals for his contributions to environmental policy development and analysis.

Prof. Solomon’s JHU email is rsolomo3@jhu.edu.

He teaches the core course, Environmental Policymaking and Policy Analysis, and also the Environmental Impact Assessment & Decision Methods course.

Rhey Solomon