Regis Shogan, Adjunct Faculty

Regis Shogan is an adjunct professor for the JHU Geographic Information Systems program, teaching AS.430.625 System Architecture for Enterprise GIS.

He is an established practitioner in several architecture domains including Geospatial Systems architecture. He currently directs the City of Philadelphia’s CityGeo Systems Group, which is a leader in civic-tech innovation while also providing geospatial solutions that solve communal problems and systems that allow for free sharing of information across City departments.

Before joining the City of Philadelphia, he was a Solutions Architect on Esri’s Patterns and Practices team, where he helped customers create enterprise location strategies accompanied by associated geospatial technology architectures. Much of Regis’ experience is also rooted in his previous role as a Solutions Architect at Chevron NA, where he worked on complex, enterprise scale design and implementation of location technologies in a manner that greatly contributed to the success of difficult IT projects such as master data management and geo-enabled business intelligence environments.

Regis has always been an avid technologist, and studied Computer Science briefly at the University of Pittsburgh.  He quickly because more academically inclined to study complex trends in societal relationships over time, earning a B.A. in Anthropology. He subsequently returned to his roots as a technologist, earning a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems from Penn State. Overall, his passion lies in understanding how to enhance human interactions through the application of information technologies.

Regis’ JHU email is

Shogan Regis