Noemi Mendez, Adjunct Faculty

Noemi Mendez is a Data Dissemination Specialist at the United States Census Bureau. Currently, she is responsible for public relations, outreach and training the public on how to access and use census data. She specializes in working with grant writers, GIS users, businesses and the media. Noemi was a former Geographer in the Geographic Standards and Criteria Branch and in the Field Division at the Philadelphia Regional Office. Noemi is a subject matter expert in areas such as tabulation and collection geographies. She managed and coordinated 2010 Census Geographic Partnership Programs such as Participant Statistical Areas Program (PSAP), Tribal Statistical Area Program (TSAP) and Local Updates of Census Addresses (LUCA).

In addition to holding these positions in the federal government, Noemi has worked at the Maryland Department of Juvenile Justice and as a GIS/Logistics consultant in the private sector. She has a B.A. in Geography and International Relations from Syracuse University.

Noemi is also a member of Gamma Theta Upsilon International Geographic Honor Society and the Society of Women Geographers. She is a board member at the Pennsylvania Mapping and Geographic Information Consortium (PAMAGIC), the Maryland State Geographic Information Committee (MSGIC) and serves as an advisor for the Temple University Professional Masters in GIS.

Noemi’s JHU email is

Noemi Mendez