Larry J. Silverman, Adjunct Faculty

Larry J. Silverman has participated in and witnessed the development of environmental law and policy for nearly half a century; mostly as an advocate for environmental organizations, small businesses, neighborhood organizations and municipal governments. He has worked on the national, state, and local government level. Most recently, he has represented community organizations and small gasoline retailers before state and county government seeking better environmental regulation of supersized gas stations in urbanizing areas. He is a founder and board secretary of Friends of Prakriti (which means “nature” in Nepalese), an organization devoted to empowering environmental professionals in Nepal and other developing nations.

He has been teaching in the Environmental Science and Policy program for nearly two decades. “I am very lucky to be in a field that keeps changing” he says. “When I started there was no Clean Air Act or Clean Water Act. I had the wonderful opportunity of working on that legislation as it was being formulated, and then afterwards on its implementation. And finally as an advisor to people and organizations about the law’s applicability, burdens and benefits in particular situations.”

Larry’s articles appear occasionally in the Washington Post and other popular publications. He is the editor of International Dialog on Watersheds, an eBook.

Mr. Silverman is a 1966 graduate cum laude of St. Johns College in Annapolis, MD and the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1969. He is a member of the Washington, DC Bar.

Professor Silverman’s email is and he teaches Natural Resources Law and Policy (420.641) at the DC center.

Larry J. Silverman