Kathy Wagner Hill, Center Director

Kathy Wagner Hill, Ph.D., is Director of the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies. She teaches courses on Congress, public policymaking, environmental policy, and research methods. Dr. Hill designed the curriculum, developed the degree proposals and worked with colleagues to launch and implement 3 of the master’s degrees and all of the certificate programs of the Center. The Center offers events and summits each semester, publishes working papers, and has several non-credit courses or certificate programs through partnerships with organizations for professionals seeking new knowledge in particular areas of expertise.

Prior to coming to Hopkins nearly 20 years ago, Dr. Hill taught at Swarthmore College and was previously a Congressional Fellow with the Office of Technology Assessment. She was later a policy analyst and project director in that congressional agency’s Oceans and Environment Program. Dr. Hill’s most recent publications included the chapter, “Governing in a Data-Driven Society,” in the first of its kind text she co-edited with Dr. Benjamin Ginsberg, Chair of Governmental Studies, and Dr. Jennifer Bachner, Program Director of Government Analytics, Analytics, Policy, and Governance (Yale University Press, 2017). With Dr. Ginsberg, she also recently completed a new text, Congress: The First Branch and a book of readings to be published with it, A Companion to Congress: The First Branch (Yale University Press, in press).

Dr. Hill received her BA with high honors from Oberlin College and her Ph.D. in Government from Cornell University.

Kathy Wagner Hill