John Talasek, Adjunct Faculty

John (JD) Talasek is the director of Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences (CPNAS), Washington, D.C., which is focused on the exploration of the intersections between science, medicine, technology, and visual culture.

Mr. Talasek is creator and moderator for a regular salon called DASER (DC Art Science Evening Rendezvous) held at the NAS and he organizes a similar salon in Austin, Texas (ATX LASER).  Additionally, Mr. Talasek serves on the Contemporary Art and Science Committee (CASC) at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.  He is the art advisor for Issues in Science and Technology Magazine (jointly published by the National Academies, University of Texas at Dallas and Arizona State University) and is currently the Art and Design Advisor for the 2015 NAKFI Conference scheduled for November 2015 in Irvine, CA.  Talasek is chair elect 2016 for Leonardo’s Art Education Forum

He was the creator and organizer of two international on-line symposia on Visual Culture and Bioscience (2007) and Visual Culture and Evolution (2010). He has taught at the University of Delaware and Essex and Howard Community Colleges. Mr. Talasek has curated several exhibitions at the National Academy of Sciences, including: Imagining Deep Time; Visionary Anatomies; Absorption + Transmission: Work by Mike and Doug Starn; and Cycloids: Paintings by Michael Schultheis. At the University of Delaware, he organized and curated Observations in an Occupied Wilderness: Photographs by Terry Falke and LightBox: The Visual AIDS Archive Project.

He holds a B.S. in photography from East Texas State University, an M.F.A. in studio arts from the University of Delaware, an M.A. in museum studies from the University of Leicester.

John Talasek