John Cookson, Adjunct Faculty

John T. Cookson, Jr., Ph.D. has been with the Advanced Academic Program, teaching and mentoring students in the Environmental Science and Policy Department for over 15 years. Cookson received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Sanitary Engineering from Washington University in 1961 and 1962, respectively. He received a Ph.D. in Environmental Health Engineering at the California Institute of Technology. He is a former Assistant and Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Maryland where he served as director of the Environmental Health Engineering Program. He is also the current Director of Environmental Sustainability Major for undergraduates at Notre Dame of Maryland University.

In 1997 he received the Alumni Achievement Award in recognition of achievements in the field of environmental engineering and extensive professional service in the public and private sector, presented by Mark S. Wrighton, Chancellor and Christopher I. Byrnes, Dean, School of Engineering, Washington University, St. Louis, MO. His public service in the State of Maryland was recognized with a Governor’s Citation in 1995.

Cookson is recognized as one of the country’s experts in the fields of wastewater treatment and hazardous waste remediation. He is the author of numerous papers including the definitive text in bioremediation, Bioremediation Engineering: Design and Application, published by McGraw Hill in 1995 and Japan in 1997, (NTS, Inc., Japanese translation). He has held appointments to the U.S. EPA National Center for Environmental Research and Quality Assurance; served on EPA peer review panels for research and technology; and served on committees of the Water Environment Federation, American Water Works Association, and National Academy of Sciences.

Cookson founded the multiple professional services firm JTC Environmental Consultants, Inc. where he has served as president and chief executive officer. Cookson has developed and implemented design criteria for both private companies and State of Maryland agencies including the first wastewater treatment plants designed to remove viruses to less than 10 viral units per 100 gallons. Under Dr. Cookson’s supervision, JTC developed the world’s first treatment plant for handling wastewaters from solid rocket fuel and motor production for Morton Thiokol and the U.S. Air Force. His activities in neutralizing hazardous and explosive chemicals continue for industrial facilities and presently through training activities in Iraq for the U.S. State Department. After the sale of JTC to General Physics Corporation, Cookson served as vice president of GP Environmental Services. In 1993 he founded and served as president of International Network for Environmental Training (INET), a company that provided over 300 technology transfer courses worldwide. He joined Severdrup Civil Inc in 1996, (acquired by Jacobs Engineering) as vice president and principal for Environmental Technology until 2008. He is presently active in supporting environmental firms on technical and business development issues.

Prof. Cookson’s JHU email is He teaches Bioremediation & Emerging Environmental Technologies.