Jill Caporale, Adjunct Faculty

Jill Caporale is the Assistant Dean of Biological and Environmental Science at Northern Virginia Community College. She has a Masters of Science in Biology and a Masters of Arts in Communication from American University. Her core teaching courses include Introductory Biology for both majors and non-majors and Environmental Biology.

Her research has centered on the development of monoclonal antibodies and assays leading to the detection of low-level antibiotic contamination.

In addition to her Study Abroad programs, she divides her time between teaching biology and administrative duties as Assistant Dean of Biology and Environmental Science at Northern Virginia Community College. She also serves as Vice-chair of the College Senate.

Caporale has focused on bridging cultures through a shared concern for the environment. She has lead numerous Study Abroad programs to Fiji, Costa Rica, Honduras, Brazil and Cuba promoting environmental sustainability and cultural understanding. She uses hands-on learning and experiments to engage students in appreciating both biology and the planet. She encourages non-bio majors to include environmental practices and concepts into their own studies.

Caporale believes that understanding science and its critical thinking skills are crucial for students to be more informed and discerning in today’s information-flooded world. To further this view, she is the Editor and Contributing Writer of the college’s Introductory Biology II lab manual providing practical experiments that contribute to using biology and its approaches throughout their careers.

Jill Caporale’s JHU email is jcaporale@jhu.edu.