Jamie Zvirzdin, Adjunct Faculty

Jamie Zvirzdin began her career in science writing when she was 17. Working for the Cosmic Ray Research Group at the University of Utah, she wrote programs using data from the group’s desert-based experiments, but she equally enjoyed crafting extensive README documentation for her programs.

Since then, she has moved around the world writing, teaching, and editing. For seven years she worked as the managing science editor for Atomium Culture, a Brussels-based nonprofit. She coordinated the editing of research articles from 26 universities for publication in 17 major newspapers across the European Union, including such outlets as El País and Le Soir. She worked for eight years as a textbook editor for Taylor & Francis, proofreading upper-level graduate textbooks on physics, computer programming, mathematics, and engineering.

While living in the Marshall Islands, she founded the Unbound Bookmaker Project and received a grant from the RMI Ministry of Education to publish the writing and illustrations of over 300 Marshallese children. She also worked with University of Hawaii researchers to publish pamphlets on atoll shoreline conservation. After she moved to Montreal, she received an MFA in Writing and Literature from Bennington College, and she has since published with Signature Books, GigaOmRoom, and Kenyon Review. Her Kenyon Review article about using fiction’s tools to write nonfiction work was chosen as the online centerpiece for KR’s special Fall 2016 issue, The Poetics of Science.

Now in Nicaragua, Zvirzdin teaches astronomy and science writing at the American University of Managua. She enjoys drinking coffee and hiking up local volcanoes, but not simultaneously.

To learn more, please visit her website or follow her on Twitter.

Jamie Zvirzdin