Eugene Stakhiv, Adjunct Faculty

Eugene Stakhiv is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Corps’ Institute for Water Resources and Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, where he received his PhD.

Gene is a water resources systems engineer and in his forty year career, a river basin planner for the Corps of Engineers, the International Joint Commission and the World Bank.  He has interests in climate change adaptation, integrated water resources management and sustainable development. Eugene has a broad practical background, including extensive water and environmental project planning experience in the U.S., Bangladesh, the Aral Sea Basin, Iraq, Afghanistan, Armenia and Ukraine. Currently he is working with the UNECE and ICIWaRM on a Ukraine-Moldova Transboundary Dneister R. project. He was co-chair and lead author on the first three UN Intergovernmental Panels on Climate Change, and currently serves on the Steering Committee of the Global Water Partnership, and was a founding member and Technical Director of UNESCO’s International Center for Integrated Water Resources Management (ICIWaRM).

In the Environmental Science and Policy Program, Gene teaches two elective courses, one is 420.635.51 Integrated Water Resources Management, and the other is taught as a section of 420.680.51 Special Topics in Environmental Sciences & Policy and has the subtitle Practical Engineering Approaches to Climate Adaptation.

Prof. Stakhiv’s JHU email is

Eugene Stakhiv