Eleanor Williams, Adjunct Faculty

Eleanor (Elly) Williams, a primary faculty member of M.A. in Writing Program, teaches various fiction courses, including Fiction Techniques, Novel Workshop, Fiction Workshop, Novel Form, Style and Structure, and Contemporary American Writers. Her essays, interviews and short stories have appeared in local and national journals including Confessions, Fact or Fiction?, The Missouri Review, Five Points, and CEA Forum. Her novel, Crazy Think, was released as a Penguin Classic in the UK in 1997. Under the title, This Never Happened, her novel was released in 1998 by Random House. She has presented numerous academic papers in both the US and Canada. After teaching at the University of North Dakota and Ohio University, she returned to Maryland and teaches at both Hood College and Johns Hopkins. Her awards include the Walter E. Dakin Fellowship at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference, a Writing Fellowship to the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and a Jakobsen Scholarship to the Wesleyan Writers’ Conference. She has taught at the Sewanee Young Writers’ Conference and directed the Hood College Young Writers’ Conference.

Elly received a B.A. from Western State University, M.A.s from Hood College and Johns Hopkins University, and a PhD from Ohio University. She lives in Frederick, Maryland, with her husband.

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