Eileen Rodriguez, Adjunct Faculty

After graduating from Georgetown University Law Center, Eileen decided to pursue her passion for film.  In 2004, she began her career with Miramax before joining The Weinstein Company in 2005. As part of the acquisitions team, Eileen divided her time between creative and legal/business affairs roles – providing her with a unique insight into not only the creative choices which inform a potential film acquisition, but also the business and legal considerations.  During her time with The Weinstein Company, she drafted and negotiated over 130 acquisition agreements and oversaw The Latin American Film Company – a multi-million dollar film fund focused on financing and distributing Latin American films in the United States.

In 2011, Eileen took a position with Tribeca Enterprises LLC, where she is currently a Vice President of Legal and Business Affairs.  Eileen leads the legal and business affairs process for all Tribeca Film acquisitions, and has drafted and negotiated over 90 acquisition agreements including Palo Alto (directed by Gia Coppola) and Broken Circle Breakdown, the Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film Nominee directed by Felix Van Groeningen.

Eileen Rodriguez