Eileen McGurty, Adjunct Faculty

Eileen McGurty is an urban planner and environmental practitioner specializing in environmental justice, waste policy and urban sustainability. Much of her research focuses on the interaction among science, citizens and policy makers in the policy formation process. Dr. McGurty has published widely and is the author of Transforming Environmentalism: PCBs, Warren County and the Origins of Environmental Justice. She has taught at Johns Hopkins University, Long Island University, the University of Iowa and the University of Southern California. As president of EM Environmental, she currently works with universities, local governments and small businesses on sustainability efforts. Dr. McGurty also serves on the EPA’s Science Advisory Board for Environmental Justice Technical Guidance.

Prof. McGurty’s JHU email is emcgurty@jhu.edu.

Eileen teaches online for the Environmental Sciences and Policy program. Her courses include Sustainable Cities, Environmental Justice, and the Environmental Policymaking and Policy Analysis courses.

Eileen McGurty