Duncan Brown, Adjunct Faculty

Duncan Brown is a National Security Studies Fellow and member of the Principal Professional staff at the Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL). Most recently, Mr. Brown was the Director of the Strategic Assessments Office at JHU/APL where he was responsible for the conduct of assessments relating to national security strategy, policy, and technology trends, as well as the conduct of multiple strategic planning efforts for JHU/APL. Previously, Mr. Brown served on the Navy staff in the Pentagon as the Science Advisor to the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (N8), in the Pacific as the Science Advisor to the Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet, and in the Pentagon as a Resource Sponsor for Submarine Technology. Mr. Brown also headed the Hydrodynamics Branch at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) in Newport, R.I. where he was responsible for the management of personnel, programs, and work at NUWC as well as at supporting institutions investigating drag and noise reduction techniques for submersibles.

Mr. Brown has served on National Research Council, Naval Research Advisory Committee, and Naval Studies Board Panels. Mr. Brown was instrumental in creating unmanned combat aerial vehicle and unmanned undersea vehicle programs for the Navy, as well as providing oversight and management of a hyperspectral sensor system aimed at antisubmarine warfare. Mr. Brown has led, conducted or supported studies which have examined: nuclear command, and control systems, directed energy weapons; cyber vulnerabilities of naval assets, geopolitical futures and their implications for national security and R&D; U.S. defense planning scenarios from a strategy and policy perspective; U.S. nuclear policy; the potential state of global terrorism in 2025 and its implications; and U.S. submarine wartime readiness assessments.

Mr. Brown serves on the Boards of the Baltimore Chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs, and STEMaction, a nonprofit devoted to helping future generations compete in a technology driven society. He also annually leads Robotics Competitions for middle and high school students including the FIRST Robotics Maryland State High School Championship.

Duncan Brown