Debra Brittain Davenport, Adjunct Faculty

Debra Brittain Davenport is the president and chief executive of Davenport Public Relations / Brand Urbanity, an integrated communications agency with offices in Phoenix and Los Angeles. The firm provides branding, image, messaging, leadership development, and perceptual management expertise.

Davenport has worked extensively on both sides of the IMC business – as chief PR counsel, marketing executive, and commercial producer – and also as a journalist, reporter, TV/radio host, celebrity stylist, and media resource. She has been a recurring guest expert on the Dr. Phil show, and has served as the corporate spokesperson for the Panasonic global brand. Davenport has been featured on FOX Television, Style Network, Yahoo, CBS Money Watch, VH1, KSYY-FM and CNN – and in such publications as Entertainment Weekly, A-List International, Elle, Marie Claire (UK), London Entertainment, In Style, Us Weekly, People StyleWatch, Los Angeles Magazine and the Los Angeles Times. She has been a syndicated columnist for the Business Journals newspapers, and a contributor to Yahoo! Hot Jobs and the book, Some Leaders Are Born Women.

Davenport is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and its Publicists Peer Group. Her research interests include corporate and personal branding, memetics, semiotics, media psychology, and the study of PR as a social science. Davenport is the creator of the Certified Professional Mentor® designation and certification program. She is also the author of Career Shuffle, a career interest instrument.

Davenport joined the JHU communication faculty in 2014; she has served on the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral faculties of numerous US universities since 1983. Davenport has BA and MA degrees in Communication Arts from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and a doctorate in Education (with a specialization in communication) from Universidad Empresarial in San Jose, CR (NACES US degree equivalency). She is represented by the Leighton Talent Agency and listed on the Hollywood Celebrity Source roster.

Debra Brittain Davenport