David Nichols, Adjunct Faculty

David Nichols currently serves as Chairman of CounterPoint Strategies, a high-stakes communications firm with offices in New York City and Washington, D.C.  He is the founder and retired Chairman and CEO of Nichols • Dezenhall Communications Management Group, Ltd., where he specialized in crisis management, risk communications, and spokesperson training. Before forming Nichols • Dezenhall, he was senior vice president and account group manager at Needham Porter Novelli (Omnicom).

Nichols began his career as an investigative news correspondent. He left the news business to become a campaign press secretary for New York City Mayor John V. Lindsay. He later served as Chief of Staff for the Wisconsin Legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance, and was subsequently appointed Deputy Secretary of Revenue, a state cabinet-level position. He relocated to Washington, D.C., to become senior media spokesperson for the Cuban-Haitian Task Force under the Carter and Reagan administrations, where he managed crisis communication following the controversial 1980 Mariel boatlift. He has appeared as a spokesperson on numerous television network news programs. He is the author of Rules for Corporate Warriors ( 2001), a primer on crisis management. In addition to developing a unique crisis management formula, Nichols has written a series of articles and publications that define and examine crisis management strategies and media relations tactics. He teaches Spokesperson Development and Training.