David Elbert, Adjunct Faculty

David Elbert is an Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Johns Hopkins University. David is an environmental geochemist and mineralogist with expertise in high-resolution electron microscopy, synchrotron X-ray methods and neutron scattering. He has interests in environmental geochemistry as well as nuclear safety and waste issues. David has a broad geologic background including experience in geological mapping, structural interpretation and petrologic investigation of portions of the New England Appalachian Mountains. He also serves on the science advisory board of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and has enjoyed the opportunity to narrate children’s concerts designed to integrate the arts with science issues.

In the Environmental Science and Policy Program, David teaches the core geology course, Geological Foundations of Environmental Science, the prerequisite course in Quantitative Methods, as well as electives and special topics on Environmental Communication and Nuclear Safety and Security.

David Elbert, JHU AAP