Christiane Runyan, Adjunct Faculty

Christiane Runyan, PhD is a research scientist at the University of Virginia in the Department of Environmental Sciences. Her research examines how deforestation affects the dynamics of hydrological and biogeochemical processes and includes modeling the control that vegetation has on the soil’s physical and biogeochemical conditions. When forest removal alters the conditions necessary for forest regeneration, deforestation can cause an abrupt shift from a fully vegetated state to a bare state with limited vegetation. Under these conditions, vegetation may not be able to recover following deforestation.  She received her PhD from the University of Virginia and was the recipient of the Edgar F. Shannon Award for ‘Best Graduating Student’ in the College of Arts and Sciences.

She has been teaching Hydrology and Water Resources in the MS in Environmental Sciences and Policy program since 2010 and teaches both online and at the Washington, DC Center.

Prof. Runyan’s JHU email is

Christiane Runyan