Belinda Chiera, Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Belinda Chiera is the Program Director of Service Teaching and a Lecturer in Statistics in the School of ITMS. She is also a researcher within the Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics as well as the Discovery Circle, the latter as part of the Cat Tracker project.

Belinda’s research is highly influenced by Government and Industry needs and has a varied range of interests ranging from social network analysis, modelling of high-dimensional communications networks to detect the onset of a terrorist attack, either online or to be carried out in person. She has also spent many years working on environmental modelling problems including the impact of the El Niño Southern Oscillation on the environment as well as the modelling of air quality affected by vehicle pollution. Belinda has also supervised postdoctoral researchers and a number of Ph.D. students in these areas, and has had a wonderful time sharing her research interests with others. She enjoys uncovering insights hidden in large databases, and analysing 98 million observations has now become a daily occurrence for her – she refuses to be defeated by technology.

With a long and proud history of engaging with industry, Belinda has had many great experiences including working with DST Group, Port Adelaide Football Club, Environment Protection Authority, South Australia Police to name a few. She also works on a number of projects across UniSA, with a particular focus on the student wellbeing and data analytics in support of student learning and academic success.

Belinda is also a passionate teacher; her focus is on taking mathematics and statistics out of the classroom and into the real world and she believes that with the right teaching approach, anyone can understand and excel in these topics. She is driven to help her students make connections between classroom material and their own worlds, keeps teaching light and enjoyable, and loves to build websites and use her skills in Illustrator and Photoshop to help produce learning materials. According to her students, she has not only made mathematics and statistics relatable to the real world, but she even manages to make it fun from time to time.

Belinda Chiera